CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

    1. Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine (Water Jet) This CNC waterjet cutting machine is designed with cantilever working platform, and the lead screw of the X and Y axis and the drive motor is connected by elastic coupling, thus absorbing vibration force and resulting in high cutting accuracy.
    1. Gantry CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine (Water Jet)This gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine is designed with double-brace in Y axis direction and bidirectional ball screw drive. It is compact in structure and feature steady operation and stable performance.

CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Our CNC waterjet cutting machine consists of super high pressure intensifier, numerical control machine, automatic abrasive delivery system, CNC system, and integrated cutting head. When compared with laser cutting machine, flame cutting machine, and plasma cutting machine, our waterjet cutting machines are characterized by quick cutting, no dust, no heat deformation, no pollution and less material waste. Thus, they are increasingly popular in market, and are exported to the United States, Russia, India, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and many other countries and regions.

Our CNC waterjet cutting machines are all CE certified, and are suitable for cutting a wide range of metal and nonmetal materials, including titanium alloy, copper, aluminum, cast iron, granite, marble, ceramic tile, chemical fiber, lumber, cloth, paper, leather, and plastic, etc. They are widely used in aviation, military, stone, building and decorate, and other industries.

How to choose a suitable water jet cutting machine?
High pressure system and numerical control working platform are the key elements for purchasing an ideal CNC waterjet cutting machine.

1. High pressure system
The required high pressure system varies with the type, thickness and surface quality of cutting materials, and the desired cutting speed as well.
Our CNC waterjet cutting machine is designed with a 380Mpa high pressure system, and the power is 30kw (40hp) or 37kw (50hp). It can generate a high pressure force and as a result, it has strong cutting capacity, good cutting quality and high cutting speed. Hence, SUNRISE CNC water jet cutting machine can perfectly satisfy your cutting demand on various hard materials with a thickness more than 30mm, including steel, aluminum, copper and other metallic materials, and so on.
Our water jet cutting equipment can also be equipped with German KMT high pressure system according to customers' requirements and the power ranges from 15HP to 200HP.

2. NC working platform
The working platform specification is determined by the size of cutting materials. Commonly used working platforms fall into gantry types and cantilever types.
(1) Gantry working platform features compact structure and simple installation. CNC Waterjet cutting machines with gantry platform are ideal for cutting fixed-sized materials, and they are applicable for occasions with fixed material feeding method and convenient material loading and unloading.
(2) Cantilever working platform is separated from the drive system, which results in a large material feeding space. So, CNC waterjet cutting equipment with cantilever platform is suitable for cutting materials with different sizes, and it can satisfy customers' demands on varied material feeding method.

There are two types of driving motor available for our CNC waterjet cutting machines, that is, AC servo motor and step motor. If the required cutting speed is more than 3000mm/min, we would better utilize AC servo motor for driving. Cutting machines driven by step motor is more economical and convenient for maintenance.

As a professional CNC waterjet cutting machine manufacturer, we are capable of providing high quality, economically priced cantilever and gantry CNC water jet cutting machines. Our products' production cycle is 20-30 days. We adopt T/T payment term, and offer remote online services.
If you are in need of CNC waterjet cutting equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us at Sunrise Waterjet Technology Company. We look forward to working with you.

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