Advantages of Water Jet Cutting Machine

1. No confine of cutting direction, and water jet cutting machine can form all kinds of shapes by CNC control system.
2. One machine can process cutting and drilling work, so as to reduce cost.
3. Heat deformation and slit do not come up while workpieces being processed.
4. When our equipment works, it does not produce toxic gas.
5. No deckle edge is produced in cutting process, which results in reduced manufacturing time and cost.
6. Thin slicing line can reduce material waste, and save on production cost.
7. The cutting processes are able to be quickly adjusted according to component material and design.

Sunrise Waterjet Technology Company is a China-based, professional manufacturer of CNC water jet cutting machine. Cantilever CNC water jet cutting machines and gantry CNC water jet cutting machines are available in Sunrise. They are CE certified, and are suitable for cutting a wide range of metal and nonmetal materials, including titanium alloy, copper, aluminum, cast iron, granite, marble, ceramic tile, chemical fiber, lumber, cloth, paper, leather, and plastic, etc.

For more detailed information, please contact us at Sunrise, or go to our product pages. We look forward to working with you.

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