Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine (Water Jet)

Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine (Water Jet)

1. High cutting precision
(1) This CNC waterjet cutting machine is designed with cantilever working platform, and the lead screw of the X and Y axis and the drive motor is connected by elastic coupling, thus absorbing vibration force and resulting in high cutting accuracy.
(2) The drive system and the cutting platform are separated with each other, which is helpful in relieving vibration.
(3) Superior quality servo control system and world-renowned brand lead screw and guide rail are adopted to ensure steady and stable cutting performance.

2. Less restrictions on workpiece size
The cantilever type platform enables us to load and unload workpieces from three directions of the machine, so this cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine is applicable for cutting workpieces with different sizes or with sizes larger than that of the platform. In composition with gantry waterjet cutters, this machine also effectively avoids inaccurate cutting and cutting machine damage caused by desynchronized lead screw feeding or non-uniform pressure distribution.
3. The dustproof cover of our cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine is of high quality and its service life is three times as long as that of common ones.

Parameters of Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Model SQ1313 SQ2515 SQ3020 SQ4020
Processing scope 1.3m×1.3m 2.5m×1.5m 3.0m×2.0m 4.0m×2.0m
Form of machine Cantilever
Running speed 0-10m/min
Control system AC servo system
Control accuracy ±0.002mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Maximum working pressure 400Mpa(60000psi)
Maximum flow of UHP water 3.8L∕min
Power of oil pump 22kw/30kw
Power supply 380V 50HZ

Thanks for your visit to Sunrise Waterjet Technology Company website. We are a professional cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine manufacturer. Our location in Huai`an City, Jiangsu Province provides us with convenient transportation by sea, land and air, which greatly reduces our purchasing cost, as well as the shipping fees for our customers.
In addition to cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machines, we also provide gantry CNC waterjet cutting machines. Our cutting machines are all CE certified, and are exported to the United States, Russia, India, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, and many other countries and regions.

For more detailed information, please contact us at SUNRISE, by phone or email. We are ready to serve you and are expecting to cooperate with you.

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