Steel Sheet Water Jet Cutting Machine

Steel Sheet Water Jet Cutting Machine

Our steel sheet water jet cutting machine adopts the most advanced numerical control mechanism, and operate fully according to computer program. They have high cutting accuracy, thin slicing line, and high efficiency, and no heat deformation comes up in cutting process. Our CNC water jet cutting equipment is suitable for cutting all types of steel sheets, hot rolled or cold rolled.

More Details
1. We are able to provide three types of steel sheet water jet cutting machine, that is, SQ2515, SQ3020, and SQ4020.
2. All our water jet cutters are CE certified, and comply with the ISO9001 quality standards.
3. Production cycle: 20-30 days.
4. Optional wear parts of steel sheet water jet cutting machines include high pressure dynamic sealing unit, one-way valve, oil sealing unit, and static sealing unit.
5. Market: The United States, Russia, India, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and China, and many other countries and regions.
6. Payment term: T/T. You should pay 30% of total amount of your order in advance. Before shipping, all should be paid.

Sunrise Waterjet Technology Company is a China-based, professional steel sheet water jet cutting machine manufacturer and supplier, founded in 1995. We have a 600MPa super high pressure testing centre, and adopt the most advanced testing equipment, so we can ensure a 100% quality rate. Sunrise cutting equipment has high quality, reliable performance, and competitive price.

For orders and inquiries, please contact us at SUNRISE, by phone or email. We look forward to working with you.

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