Aluminum Sheet Water Jet Cutting Machine

Aluminum Sheet Water Jet Cutting Machine

Aluminum sheets are rolled by aluminum or aluminum alloys. They have a wide range of applications in building construction for their good natural properties.
Our aluminum sheet water jet cutting machines do not produce heat and toxic materials in the process of cutting aluminum sheets. They feature high efficiency, low cost, quick cutting and safety, and they are also able to process any curved-shape cutting

More Details
1. Models: SQ2515, SQ3020, and SQ4020.
2. All our aluminum sheet water jet cutting machines are CE certified, and comply with the ISO9001 quality standards.
3. The production cycle ranges from 20 to 30 days.
4. We offer some optional wear parts of aluminum sheet water jet cutting machine, including high pressure dynamic sealing unit, one-way valve, oil sealing unit, and static sealing unit.
5. We accept T/T payment term, and charge 30% of total amount of your order as the deposit. The balance should be paid before shipment.

As an experienced aluminum sheet water jet cutting machine manufacturer, we strive to provide high quality, economically priced CNC water jet cutting equipment for cutting steel sheets, tiles, fiber materials and marbles, etc. Due to high quality and competitive price, our CNC water jet cutters are successfully sold to the United States, Russia, India, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and many other countries and regions.

Our location in Huai`an, City, Jiangsu Province provides us with easy access to convenient transportation, abundant labor, and the latest technology. Our production cost can be greatly reduced, and you can choose suitable transportation method for shipping.

For more information about our waterjet cutting machine, please feel free to contact us at Sunrise Waterjet Technology Company. We are ready to serve you.

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