About Us

Sunrise Waterjet Technology Company has been a China-based professional CNC water jet cutting machine manufacturer, since our beginning in 1999. We are located in Huai`an City, Jiangsu Province, where we are close to Lianyungang and Dafenggang, where we have easy access to convenient transportation and labor.

We continually adopt the most advanced production and testing equipment, and have established a numerical-control high-pressure water engineering centre and a 600MPa high pressure testing centre. Also, we have many CNC high-pressure water jet specialists from China and America, and automatic technology talents.

Our products are cantilever CNC water jet cutting machine and gantry CNC water jet cutting machine. They include titanium water jet cutting machine, copper water jet cutting machine, steel sheet water jet cutting machine, aluminum sheet water jet cutting machine, cast iron water jet cutting machine, granite water jet cutting machine, marble water jet cutting machine, ceramic tile water jet cutting machine, and fiber water jet cutting machine, to name a few.

Our water jet cutting machines are all CE certified, and can be used in building, ceramic, stone, glass, metal machining, rubber industry, automotive, aerospace, military industry, petrochemical and other industries. They are exported to the United States, Russia, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Middle East, etc.

1. No restriction of cutting direction, and the water jet cutting machine can form all kinds of shapes with the CNC control system.
2. Our machines can process cutting and drilling work, so as to reduce cost.
3. There is no heat damage or splitting of the work piece.
4. Our equipment does not produce any toxic gas.
5. No deckle edge is produced in the cutting process, which results in reduced manufacturing time and cost.
6. Thin slicing lines reduce material waste, and save on production cost.
7. The cutting processes can quickly be adjusted according to component material and design.

In order to better serve our customers, we have set up working offices in the United States, Russia, India, Syria, and many other countries. Our professional technicians will quickly resolve any problem you may have. We also offer remote online service.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for a consultation at SUNRISE. We look forward to providing superior quality products and excellent service to you.

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